Can a Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Vegan diets have had quite the following for a number of decades. Whether it be for moral reasons or for health reasons, people have flocked to vegan diets and have seen varying levels of success with them. Fat loss being a big motivator, plenty have gone vegan for this reason, and some have seen drastic […]

Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Vegan Diets

If you’ve ever considered following a vegan diet, you probably weighed the pros and cons of avoiding animal-based products in your mind. But did you take in account the possible nutritional deficiencies that you can experience while going on a vegan diet? Avoiding certain food groups lends itself to missing out on some nutrients, because […]

Don’t Eat Meat? Here’s How You Get More Protein

Vegan and vegetarian diets can make getting enough protein difficult. After a little bit of research, we created a list of plant-based protein sources, to help out those who don’t consume any meat. Watch the video below to check it out. To get more nutritional tips and to learn more about our fitness program that […]

Maintaining Motivation for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Motivation is not something that can be dished out in unlimited quantities. It is a limited resource and there’s only so much of it you can give out before you start to lose your footing in your efforts to achieve your goals, such as weight loss. But understanding motivation’s limitations is the first step in […]

How to Get Your Eating Back on Track After the Holidays

The onslaught of holiday food is finally over! You may have put on a few pounds, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck at your new & heavier weight. We’ve seen this happen so much, every single year, that we came up with a quickstart guide on getting your eating back on track, which will help […]

3 Fat-Loss Benefits You Miss Out On By Having Too Little Protein

Protein is essential for a number of bodily processes – it goes way beyond muscle development and growth. If you’re trying to gain weight, you need protein. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need protein. If you’re trying to stave off disease, you need protein. Watch my video below to learn about the 3 […]

3 Foods That Have Less Protein Than You Think

Many foods are titled “high in protein” when in fact, they aren’t. Sure, they may have a few grams of protein, but these foods sometimes come with a large amount of calories in the form of fat, too. See what foods you may be confusing as “high in protein” by watching my video below. To […]

3 Keys to Ensure Calorie Counting Creates Rapid Fat Loss

Counting calories is the gold standard for fat loss, but only if adhered to properly. Although many people have tried it, few have counted calories properly and lost weight as a result. In my video below, I have the top 3 principles that you need to remain true to if you want to be able […]

The Sugar-Diabetes Connection

The rise in diabetes over the years has brought along greater concern for what we’re putting into our bodies everyday. For example, a lot of scrutiny has come down on white sugar consumption. Americans consume more and more sugar than in years past, due to the fact that it is added to a number of […]

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Chances, you’ll be enjoying some nice meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and probably on a few days in between. Unfortunately, this brings on Holiday weight gain (and everyone’s subsequent New Year’s resolution to lose weight!) So, what is there to do to prevent piling on the pounds this winter? I’m sure you won’t be […]

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