MYTH: Strength Training For Baseball Will Make You Slow & Tight

You’ve herd the expression “you shouldn’t lift heavy weights because it will make you tight, bulky & slow you down” haven’t you? The “old school” coaches that tell you this, probably think long distance running is good idea too. Any coach that tells you this is lying to you & they don’t understand how the […]

Read this Before You Train In Your High School Weight Room

If you’ve ever been told that 0ff-season training under the guidance of your high school baseball coach is the same as training with strength & conditioning professionals, you’ve been lied to. A baseball coach’s primary job is to coach baseball. They are not strength and conditioning coaches. If you needed a root canal, would you […]

From The Doctor: The # 2 Risk Factor For Baseball Injuries

In case you missed my last article, I introduced the number one risk factor for baseball players (specifically pitchers) that lead to injury – overuse. Today I wanted to talk about the second risk factor: Poor throwing mechanics. It makes perfect sense as throwing a baseball is the most violent motion in all of sports, so […]

GameChanger Success Story: Tyler Lee

Every month we give out the “Athlete Of The Month” award to the athlete that shows the most dedication, commitment and improvement. While we have many deserving athletes, I’m really excited to give this months award to Tyler Lee because he is one of the hardest working athletes we have at GameChanger. Tyler is a […]

ASK THE DOCTOR: Why Does My Son’s Arm Hurt?

This is a guest post from Dr. Justin Rabinowitz of Functional Performance therapy. Have you ever wondered why so many of your son’s teammates and friends are always hurt and missing games? If you are reading this post, there is a good chance you have thought about this and are trying to do the best you […]

FACT: 70% of Kids Quit Sports Because Of This…

Lets face facts, the # 1 reason why kids drop out of sports before the age of 13 is specialization. According to Dr. James Andrews,”70% of kids participating in sports now drop out by age 13 because of specialization”. In other words, 7 out of 10 kids before the age of 13 are quitting their […]

FACT: Focus On This And Play Better

If you’ve been told that strength training is bad because it will make you “tight” or “bulky”, you’ve been given bad information.  Growing up as a baseball player, my old school coaches use to tell me things like strength training is dangerous and it will slow me down. And Instead I should be doing long […]

Exactly What Age Is It Safe For My Son To Start Strength Training?

One of the most common questions parents ask is “exactly what age is it safe for my son to start strength training?” This is a great question and we at GameChanger Gym understand your concern for your child’s health and well being. In the video below you’ll discover: Exactly what age it’s safe For your son to […]

Should Baseball Players Lift Weights?

Over the years, baseball has changed from a game of speed and small ball to a game of power. If you look at the best power hitters in baseball, you’ll see they all possess one very similar trait – they are all very strong (especially in the legs and core). While baseball is a game highly […]

Speed Training For Baseball

Speed and agility training for baseball is a hot topic and often a very misunderstood concept. Most coaches and players think that by simply using an agility ladder or cone drills that an athlete will become more agile. In fact, many strength and conditioning coaches will try to impress you by doing these fancy agility […]

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